Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment of Aluminium casting / forgings is done for parts that require higher mechanical properties, higher tensile strength, different properties from the as cast / forged material or need to maintain very close tolerance during machining.  Heat treatment changes  the properties of the alloy by subjecting the casting/forging to a thermal cycle.   Heat Treatment temperature cycles are different for each aluminium alloy grade.  The heat treat temperature and soaking time determines the hardness, desired microstructure, and tensile strength for the heat-treated parts made from a particular alloy.

Gravity Die Cast All GDC castings are heat treated.
Forging All aluminium forgings are heat treated
High Pressure Die Cast No heat treatment is required

Heat Treatment condition suffix for BS1490 Aluminium Alloys:

M As cast
TS Thermally stress relieved, annealed
TB Solution heat treated and naturally aged to a substantially stable condition
TB7 Solution heat treated and stabilised
TE Artificially aged
TF Solution heat treated and artificially aged
TF7 Solution heat treated, artificially aged and stabilised